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If you are a homeowner who is planning to sell your Kew Gardens property, you’re in luck! Its relaxed vibe, green spaces and convenient public transportation make Kew Gardens one of the most popular neighborhoods in Queens, attracting buyers from Manhattan and beyond.

Buyers in Kew Gardens are in luck also! If you are on the hunt for a home, Kew Gardens offers a variety of housing styles for the discriminating buyer. The neighborhood is also known for its lower price tag compared to Manhattan.

Preparing to Sell

At Kew Gardens Realty, our experience has shown that implementing the right strategy is critical to selling your home quickly and for a fair price. As one of our valued sellers, your customized service will include:

  • A tailored and dynamic marketing plan that showcases the best features of your property.
  • A comparative market analysis that uses information about recent sales in your area to assign a price to your property.
  • A free home estimate that tells us how much money a bank might be willing to lend to a buyer to purchase your home.

At Kew Gardens Realty, these are just a few of the tools in our toolbox. Our sellers can trust us to develop a thoughtful strategy that leads to a successful real estate transaction.


Eager to Buy

Buyers are often surprised at the variety of housing styles on the market in Kew Gardens. When you partner with Kew Gardens Realty, we will use our extensive local knowledge and think outside the box to guide you to a home that suits your unique needs. We’ll help you sort through listings that include these home styles: